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Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises Nepal (FSME- Nepal) was registered as an NGO (registration no: 313/060/061) in District Administration Office Kathmandu in 2003 with a view to organize and promote micro, small and medium enterprises scattered all over Nepal. The Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the FSME-Nepal as registered in the Inland Revenue Department of Inland revenue is 301743123.

In the changing global context of world economy and to enhance the economic status of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Nepal in line with new concept of international business practices, FSME-Nepal was established. With a view to contributing towards building a new Nepal, it has, among other things, been essential to instill quality assurance and capital investment in order to support, organize and develop the small entrepreneurs spread all over the country. Based on this logic, a new concept of  “One house One Enterprise” has been initiated by this Federation and is in the process of implementation. Federation has wide network of entrepreneurs throughout the country as well as associated with women entrepreneurs in various districts.

One of the main objectives of FSME-Nepal is also to enhance economic development of prosperous Nepal by rapid growth of export trade by creating awareness and enhancing involvement of more people on the SME promotion.


Vision: The Vision behind the FSME-Nepal’s establishment is to:

Establish, increase and maintain contribution of micro, small and medium enterprises/industries in mainstream business environment and national economic development through entrepreneur’s welfare management, quality development and market access facilitation and to be established as a key body in the SMEs sector.

Name of Organization: Name of this organization is “Sana Tatha Majhaula Byabasayi Mahasangha Nepal”. It shall be called “Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises Nepal (F-SMEs Nepal).

Address of Office of the Organization:

The office of this organization shall be located in Kathmandu District, Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Ward no: 34, Aloknagar.

Working Area of the Organization: 77 districts of Nepal

Office phone number: +977- 4106773

Website: www.fsmenepal.org.np

Email: info@fsmenepal.org.np

Registration no: 313/060/61

PAN number: 301743123

Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ward no:  34, Aloknagar, Kathmandu


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